S. D. N. - sexual diversity in the Netherlands (2016)

How can visibility play a role in the improvement of the social acceptance towards sexual diversity?



The goal to reach more visibility of homosexuals is a concept where design can play a role. It might not solve the social inequality but it can create a starting point to discuss the contemporary situation in the Netherlands. Create awareness about the conflict and not feeling socially accepted. In my opinion it is important to create apprehension towards each other, not in a provoking but a subtile way.







To be able to change something towards the social acceptance of homosexuality, it is important to get the majority - in this case the heterosexuals -, behind you, and let them support the minority. But before they will stand out for homosexuals they need to be aware of the current situation.

With these posters you can show the judgments that are still often said to homosexuals, when they tell or show people that they are gay. It confirms that parochialism towards homosexuals is still present these days, but it can also play a role into the awareness of both the current situation, but also the way you might approach homosexuals.



The teenage years are formative for sexuality, making youths vulnerable during their quest to express themselves while still being part of a status quo. During this time, it can be helpful to recognize a part of yourself in someone else who embraces their sexuality.

By offering a bigger spectrum of this, they are able to find recognition within one or more people. Which can lead to more self-acceptance to they are, and their sexuality.



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“Most people think I’m gay, and even though i like guys, i really prefer girls.”



When you look towards the di erent sexualities that exist, the most important thing is, is that you don’t have to force yourself into a speci c category.

Sexuality is something diverse, it is important to not be forced to put yourself in one or another corner of sexual preference.

The most ultimate goal is to create a society, where it doesn’t mat- ter to who you feel attracted to and if you act feminine or mascu- line. Isn’t it that nobody is 100% straight or 100% gay, same as to being male or female.


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ongoing project ~ coming more soon