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(web) series set in Amsterdam about the turbulent love life of the young lesbian Anne

(6 x 11 minutes)




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The lack of lesbian role models in the media is a problem shared by young lesbians from all continents. Since the launch of the teaser we have received reactions and interview requests from all over the world. That shows that the importance of a series where homosexuality is not portrayed as a problem but as a given is unmistakable.


A large part of the cast and crew feels personally connected to the project. We have previously experienced that there is not enough content available on sexual diversity, and in particular, content that shows that some feelings are not strange and that homosexuality is not necessarily a recipe for trouble. The key motivation for producing ANNE+ is to make sure that young people from all around the world have access to the content we missed during our teen years.

- nominated for the debut competition -

The Nederlands Film Festival (NFF)

- selected for the short form competition -

Series Mania in Lille, France

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 in collaboration with Millstreet Films and BNNVARA

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